High-Quality Steakhouse Options

The 10 Best High-Quality Steakhouse Options In Paris

Paris is a city renowned for its culinary scene, offering some of the best food options in the world. It is a place where one can find a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and bars that cater to all types of tastes and preferences. Among the many dining options available in Paris, High-Quality Steakhouse Options stand out. Here are some of the best High-Quality Steakhouse Options in Paris.

The 10 Best High-Quality Steakhouse Options In Paris

1. Le Relais de l’Entrecote

High-Quality Steakhouse Options In Paris

This contemporary yet homey steakhouse, which is situated in the center of the Latin Quarter, serves some of the best steaks we’ve ever consumed. On wood, char-grilled steaks are served. They specialize in importing entrecote (ribeye) steaks from countries across the world, including Argentina, Uruguay, the United States, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. While the Wagyu is 109 euros, the 300-gram Argentine entrecote is only 39 euros. Also, the sauces are fantastic, and you can get fantastic sides like French fries and starters like bone marrow. Choose a set menu, such as Le Carnem Decouverte, which costs 55 and includes a variety of meats, fresh juice, dessert, etc. Moreover, they provide a fantastic brunch for 32 euros!

2. Atelier Carnem

The same set meal, which starts at 30 euros per person and includes a wonderful salad with steak and French fries, is offered at all three Relais de l’Entrecote in Paris. After that, you can order your desired beverage, additional sides, and dessert à la carte. Everyone eats the same main course here, which is unlike most High-Quality Steakhouse Options and even most restaurants, and the steak is presented sliced and with a fantastic secret sauce (some kind of garlicky herbal butter sauce).

Simply specify your steak preferences to the waiter and wait for the pearly gates of paradise to open. In order to ensure that you won’t leave hungry, they return to offer seconds and even thirds. Classic French desserts like profiteroles and others are also very tasty. A must-do in Paris if you haven’t been to one before! The only drawback is that they don’t accept bookings, so be prepared to wait or arrive early!

3. Le Maison D’Aubrac steakhouse

Le Maison D’Aubrac steakhouse

One of the first High-Quality Steakhouse Options in Paris, Maison D’Aubrac is conveniently positioned just off the Champs-Elysees. The way we Neanderthals like it, steaks are served on wooden boards with caramelized onions and Bearnaise sauce. As implied by the name, a large portion of the beef on the menu is the best beef in the world: Aubrac beef from central France. Delicious, naturally raised, and grass-fed! Asking the staff to seat you upstairs if you want is not a problem because the restaurant has two levels.

Be very cautious because prices might skyrocket if you want larger slices, so be sure to have the weight and price in writing ahead of time. Prices vary depending on the amount of your order. A tasty 300-gram rib eye or 300-gram sirloin steak may be had for 17 euros or 16.50 euros, respectively. However, a plethora of beef-related options is now available, including boeuf bourguignon, a mouthwatering cheeseburger, chicken, and other dishes for individuals who, God forbid, detest steak.

4. Persille

Persille has two locations in Paris: their first butcher/restaurant is across from Bercy in the southwest of the city, and their newer, larger location is in Levallois Perret (outskirts in the west of Paris). Since the Levallois location has comfortable seats and a wide range of selections, including a wonderful 300-gram entrecote for 28 euros and your own planche (wood board) platter pick-and-choose option starting at 23 euros, we recommend it.

The all-you-can-eat nights, which cost 30 euros on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, are one special feature. Burgers, did we mention them? For less than 20 euros, they provide a number of delectable selections. They serve delectable duck and chicken in addition to beef, and their Maki Tartare is prepared with Charolais meat, rice algae, sesame, and sweet soy sauce. Yum.

5. Le Severo

High-Quality Steakhouse Options

Le Severo is a High-Quality Steakhouse Options that specializes in serving top-quality meat. The restaurant sources its beef from the best farms in France, and the meat is dry-aged on-site to bring out its full flavor. The menu features a range of cuts, including rib-eye, filet mignon, and sirloin, all of which are cooked to perfection over an open flame. The restaurant’s cozy and intimate atmosphere, coupled with its attentive staff, makes it a popular choice for romantic dinners and special occasions.

6. Le Boeuf sur le Toit

Le Boeuf sur le Toit is a High-Quality Steakhouse Options that combines classic French cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant’s menu features a range of delicious dishes, including steak tartare, beef carpaccio, and grilled rib-eye steak. The meat is sourced from the best farms in France and is cooked to perfection by the restaurant’s expert chefs. The restaurant’s chic and stylish ambiance, combined with its excellent food and attentive staff, makes it a popular choice for special occasions.

7. Clover Grill

Chef Jean-Francois Piege, who has a Michelin star, founded Clover Grill. Between the Louvre and Les Halles is a contemporary yet cheery Parisian cafe. They provide an exceptional array of dry-aged meats from across Europe at reasonable prices, including entrecote of Salers beef for 28 euros (200 grams). And if you’re dining with someone who doesn’t feel like steak, you may order their roasted chicken, which is well-known around Paris. At 35 euros, they exclusively provide a three-course set lunch menu on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

8. Les Fines Lames

Les Fines Lames

Les Fines Lames is a contemporary yet uncomplicated High-Quality Steakhouse Options that routinely produces top-notch steaks. It is situated in the Montmartre neighborhood of the north of Paris. The menu is pretty straightforward; the current a la carte steak selection includes a 1 kg Stockman cote de boeuf for 54 euros, 200 gr. Angus entrecote for 37 euros, and Brazilian style Picanha for 22 euros (ideal for two). The dipping sauces on sides like vegetables and French fries are to die for. We heartily advise cheesecake or the brioche perdu, which is a dessert-style French toast.

9. Aller Retour

Although it’s not really a High-Quality Steakhouse Options, this contemporary but comfortable restaurant specializes in steak. Costs are relatively affordable, as you can have an Irish sirloin steak for 22 euros or a steak tartare made with Charolais beef for only 15.5 euros. If you’re looking for a more reasonably priced yet stylish and comfy choice, their decor is fantastic modern minimalism and the staff is helpful. They provide escargots as an appetizer and a delicious lemon tart for dessert.

10. Bey Steakhouse

We adore their meat cuts as well as the presentation, which is as pompous and formal as one may imagine. Along with fantastic steak, they also provide delectable lamb and sides. While a cote de boeuf costs 49 euros and a faux filet (sirloin steak) costs 38 euros, they dropped a few points on this front, but they got top marks for an outstanding, well-cooked, juicy steak.