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How To Open A Restaurant? 6 Best Experiences To Success

How To Open A Restaurant? Today, the restaurant business is interested in many brothers and sisters because the demand for people’s entertainment is increasing. Therefore, many restaurant service models such as Korean restaurants, buffets, and seafood restaurants … were born to meet everyone’s trends. However, before entering this field, you need to carefully study the market and choose your own path to success. The following article to learn How To Open A Restaurant from many restaurant owners and hopes to help you.

How To Open A Restaurant? What Do You Need To Prepare?

1. Restaurant business license

One of the first things you must know about How To Open A Restaurant is to prepare a full set of business licenses in accordance with the law. Many people think that opening and selling restaurants and small restaurants don’t need paperwork or complicated legal procedures, but doing so will cause the business to be considered illegal and subject to fines depending on the situation. level.

Restaurant business license


Therefore, before starting, it is necessary to prepare documents and registration procedures at the Department of Planning and Investment or the People’s Committee of the district, city, or city according to the address, then follow the regulations. to be issued with complete documents. The two most important types of licenses when opening a restaurant are:

  • Foodservice business license
  • Certificate of registration of food safety and hygiene from a competent authority.

In addition, based on the restaurant model you choose, other documents will arise such as a Certificate of eligibility for fire protection, a license to retail alcohol for restaurants with business, a license to retail cigarettes, documents for registration of trademarks, personal trademarks, etc. See more details of legal procedures when opening a restaurant or cafe.

2. Space to open a business restaurant

Experience opening a restaurant before choosing the right premises for your restaurant, it is necessary to clearly identify potential customers. For example, in the Korean restaurant business, the buffet needs to choose a location in entertainment places, commercial centers, youth areas, and many office workers.

How To Open A Restaurant? If it’s a family restaurant, you need to find a place in a place with a high density of people, an apartment, etc. Accurate zoning will avoid opening a shop where people have no need.

After choosing the right place, you need to make a plan about the area and space of the shop clearly. Such as the kitchen area, warehouse, cashier counter, parking space, how much space the toilet needs, and whether the restaurant has emergency exits and side aisles. Above all, the seating area must be airy and full of light, creating comfort for customers to dine.

3. Prepare capital to open a restaurant

How To Open A Restaurant

Estimating a specific cost when doing business is one of the most popular restaurant opening experiences. You need to prepare an estimated table for the restaurant including the capital, profit, and loss in full the first time of implementation.

In the setup stage, you need to list the items from the food counter, kitchen, tables and chairs, decorations, decor items, etc. After that, rent the space, money for raw materials, marketing expenses, etc. salary and bonus for staff – chef, electricity and water, risk fees, incidentals… Having a full list of restaurant opening cost estimates will help you to be aware of the amount of capital to prepare.\

Summary of successful restaurant opening experiences:

1. Identify customer segments

As society is developing, people’s food needs are also gradually increasing and becoming more demanding. You need to clearly define the target audience depending on age, income, interests, and specific restaurant model, and choose the appropriate business method. In addition, it is necessary to learn about competitors, then analyze and improve to meet the needs of customers, which will make the restaurant business more favorable.

How To Open A Restaurant

2. Choose a business model

There are many different types of businesses in the restaurant business, such as:

  • Luxury restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Vegetarian restaurant
  • Wedding restaurant…

One of the most common restaurant opening experiences is choosing the correct restaurant model, which will help you have a clearer orientation about the decoration style in the future, the dishes to be served, and the marketing direction. … these things will partly save time, effort, and make business more convenient.

3. Facilities and equipment for opening a restaurant

In order for How To Open A Restaurant to be qualified, you must be fully equipped with facilities and equipment including tables and chairs, lighting systems, electricity and water systems, kitchen utensils, etc., suitable for each restaurant model. . Pay attention to the design of the restaurant kitchen in accordance with feng shui to support the attraction of fortune and favorable business.

the reception area, the dining area, and the kitchen are the top three places that need to be taken care of. The parking area needs to be open, not blocking the way, and the service area needs to be estimated in advance for the number of guests to buy reasonable tables and chairs, tablecloths, vases, and eating utensils.

4. Design direction, restaurant decoration

In addition to preparing delicious dishes for customers, the decoration of the space design is a huge plus for diners to return to the restaurant. The experience of opening a successful restaurant lies in a huge part in designing the interior in accordance with the tastes of the target customers.

How To Open A Restaurant

For example, a wedding restaurant needs luxurious decoration with 1-2 contrasting or harmonious tones, a Korean restaurant will set up a traditional layout with separate grills, and buffet restaurants must arrange. tables and chairs according to groups of customers, a spacious area to avoid collisions, and an airy counter space….

Above all, you need to learn How To Open A Restaurant by discussing carefully with the designer to create a unique style for the restaurant and use some feng shui tips to make the business more prosperous.

5. Experience in setting up restaurant menus and pricing dishes

Food menu design is considered one of the ways to create uniqueness and show the class of a restaurant. The dishes on the menu must be arranged from appetizers to side dishes, and main dishes, according to each type of dish such as forest food, seafood, seafood, vegetarian food, etc.

The menu needs to be clearly presented, beautifully decorated in the main decoration style, and fully priced for customers to consider and choose. In addition, to balance the price of the dish, according to the experience of opening a restaurant from successful business people, will set the price higher than the cost of ingredients by 30-35%, and depending on the dish, it will be calculated. reasonable portion according to the season.

6. Experience in recruiting and training restaurant personnel

How To Open A Restaurant

If the restaurant opening experiences above help you attract customers to your restaurant for the first time, then selecting the right staff will help your restaurant grow in the long run. To have a smooth system for serving diners, it is necessary to recruit staff with full expertise and responsibility in their work.

Whether the restaurant is large or small, chefs and managers to service staff must be thoroughly and professionally trained according to the standards of the F&B industry. Staff attitude will be one of the important keys to helping a restaurant build lasting relationships with diners.


Hopefully, with the information that we have shared about How To Open A Restaurant, the shop owners will have more clear information about the experience of opening a successful restaurant. The owners will find for themselves an idea to open a restaurant that suits the criteria, budget, and business with many advantages and prosperity.