How Long Can You Go Without Sleep

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep? The 5 Terrible Effects Of Non-Sleeping

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep? What is the limit for staying up all day and night for one person? If not sleeping will destroy human health? Join us to find the answer right to the questions How Long Can You Go Without Sleep and the bad effects of non-sleeping?

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep?

For normal people, just losing sleep for 1-2 days, the body has encountered terrible fatigue. However, the threshold of sleep fasting until now is still a mystery. Some people can stay awake for decades without sleeping.

If a person does not get enough sleep, it will cause his physical and mental decline seriously. Everyone has different thresholds for sleep needs. There are people who just need to stay awake for 3-4 days, the body is completely depressed, unable to control the body. But there are people who can stay up for a very long time.

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep

Randy Gardner once set a Guinness World Record with 11 days without sleep. After that, just with a long sleep, his body was able to recover to normal. However, there was also a Chinese man who died after staying up for 11 days watching football matches. During these 11 days, he also drank alcohol and smoked continuously. As a result, it is also difficult to determine whether the cause of death is sleep loss or drug use.

Scientists at the University of Chicago conducted experiments on mice. The results of How Long Can You Go Without Sleep show that they can live for 20 consecutive days without sleeping and eating normally. After the end of the experiment, the scientists came to the conclusion that a normal person’s body can withstand about 15 days without sleep under normal eating and drinking conditions and not being too active. Therefore, people can not sleep for how many days, the average number given is 15 days.

However, in practice, there are also special cases. There are people who may not need sleep. That is the case of Mr. Thai Van Ngoc, 75 years old, who lives in Vietnam. Since the age of 30, Mr. Ngoc has not slept, during which time he stays awake and does everything necessary. After studying this case, scientists confirmed that this is a very rare case but nothing dangerous.

The importance of sleep:

Like eating, drinking, or breathing, sleep is an essential part of human life. There have been animal experiments showing that some species such as mice can be sleep deprived and die within a month. As for humans, even those with a rare genetic condition that causes insomnia and the inability to sleep could meet a similar fate within 3 months.

When someone is sleeping, it can be like they have “turned off all activities”. However, the reality is not so. The brain and body are still active and doing important things while you sleep, like organizing nerve cells, regulating hormones, repairing cells, and flushing out toxins. Most school-age children need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Teens and adults can aim for 9 hours, but some people just need 7-8 hours.

In particular, some people can practice significantly reducing the amount of sleep each day, down to only 30 minutes. However, there is not yet any scientific evidence to support the health effects of shortening sleep to such low levels.

The bad effects of non-sleeping for a long-time:

Poor sleep habits include watching too much TV, using the computer or phone too much before bed, not napping, sleeping in a strange or uncomfortable area, and sleeping at the wrong time. The following health issues will result from being unable to sleep:

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep

  • Mental instability, often known as irritability: Most people experience irritability after a sleepless night because of hormonal changes that make them more likely to become enraged for no apparent reason.
  • Adverse skin effects:  Lack of sleep results in puffy eyes, dark bags under the eyes, wrinkles, and pale skin because the body releases too much cortisol, which breaks down collagen, the protein that helps the skin be more elastic and smooth.
  • Memory loss: Normally, while we are sleeping, the brain is best equipped to consolidate memories and move information obtained into the cortex where long-term memory is maintained. Lack of sleep will therefore impair brain signaling, resulting in amnesia.
  • Depression risk is increased since studies suggest that people with anxiety and depression frequently sleep for fewer than six hours at night. When those who don’t sleep for several days are also more likely to experience depression than the normal person, this is also a pathological spiral.
  • Weight gain: Lack of sleep is also associated with a history of obesity since leptin sends satiety signals to the brain while ghrelin stimulates hunger in the body. Therefore, lack of sleep also results in low levels of leptin and high amounts of ghrelin, which causes cravings.

Is it permitted for people to not sleep?

Due to illnesses that cause insomnia or illnesses that develop after going without sleep for a long period of time, insomnia can be a direct cause of mortality. First, the rare hereditary or diffuse prion diseases fatal familial severe insomnia and sporadic fatal insomnia induce sleep difficulties, movement disorders, and death. the following

  • Around age 40 is when most cases of familial fatal insomnia with an autosomal dominant mutation in the PrP gene start. Having trouble falling and staying asleep is one of the symptoms. symptoms of cognitive and cognitive impairment.
  • A mutation known as distributed fatal insomnia lacks the PrP gene, typically manifests sooner, and results in both sleeplessness and cognitive decline.

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep

Additionally, insomnia or total loss of sleep has negative effects on the body, including cell toxicity, degeneration, chronic headaches, and depression. More harmful than sleep deprivation is cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, and diabetes, which increase the chance of stroke. How Long Can You Go Without Sleep? it can be 15 days but you should not try to non-sleeping for a long-time.


How Long Can You Go Without Sleep? it can be about 15 days. However, depending on each body with different actual health conditions, this number may vary. But, if you lose sleep too often, it will make the body face potential harm. Therefore, it is necessary to have a safe and quick remedy to ensure health and alertness.