Sony srs-xb33 Review

Full Detailed Sony srs-xb33 Review: Reading before Buying the product

Before deciding whether to buy the Sony srs-xb33 or not, let’s refer to our Full Detailed Sony srs-xb33 Review. Most folks are probably not in the mood for a party right now, it’s safe to assume. However, if we are able to host any events over the winter, the Sony SRS-XB33 might be the perfect Bluetooth speaker to go with it. The Sony SRS-XB33 portable speaker is depicted in lifestyle photographs on the company’s website next to white dunes and swimming pools that are bathed in sunlight, but due to its tough construction and waterproof capabilities, it should function in any weather, making it perfect for both summers and winters.

Therefore, it would be wise to put to the test a speaker whose slogan is “party anywhere, anytime.” Our finding of someone whose performance is so capable of sustaining a party as this is also timely. If you are looking for an exemplary mid-range Bluetooth speaker, then the Sony SRS-XB33 is a very worthy choice. Its sound is not only good, but it also has impressive lighting technology that easily warms up the atmosphere. Here is our Full Detailed Sony srs-xb33 Review:

Full Detailed Sony srs-xb33 Review

Sony srs-xb33 Review

1. Build and Feature: Sony SRS-XB33 put on a new, more beautiful, more impressive shirt

This year Sony has revamped the appearance of its SRS series, the XB22 has a new design but does not make any special impression. In contrast, the XB33 has only a few minor changes, from the original arc form to a quasi-triangular form, its appearance is still the same as the SRS-XB32 model, but the details are reasonably arranged to bring a complete look. new. The size of the speaker is 246 x 97 x 106 mm, which can be placed horizontally or vertically. The highlight detail is the two LED strips at the two symmetrical speaker ends, separated from the speaker body.

The speaker body is still covered by a multi-layer fabric with IP67 dust and water resistance that protects the elliptical X-Balanced driver and the LED inside. On the god part is a control cluster with basic function buttons, and also an NFC connection location.

The back of the speaker is a rubber cover, and inside is a USB-A connector, a Type-C charging port, a light on/off button, a Party Mode, and a Stereo Pairing function button. XB33 is equipped with a 2700 mAh battery for up to 14 hours of use when Extra Bass is on and 24 hours in Stamina mode, fully charging requires 5 hours. In addition, with a USB-A port, it can charge external devices too, very flexible when used away from the power source.

2. The quality of sound: Sony SRS-XB33 has strong, clear sound

Sony srs-xb33 Review

The Sony SRS-XB33 Bluetooth speaker is also equipped with EXTRA BASS subwoofer tuning technology, which is reflected in the product’s feel, which enhances the effect of impact and low-frequency diving, making music more rhythmic. than. The newly adopted X-Balanced speaker unit has non-circular diaphragm technology, which helps to solve the problem of insufficient diaphragm area in low-volume speakers. At the same time, the X-Balanced loudspeaker unit can also reduce the deflection of the drive unit. Maintain the same sound pressure and reduce distortion.

The addition of dual passive drivers on the side is also very important, increasing the overtones at low frequencies, and when increasing the volume, there will be no sound breakage. If you turn on the Live mode, you can create a more directional sound, which is very suitable for a home music lover. That’s also an important point in our Sony srs-xb33 Review.

The XB33 also adopts a more vocal tuning method, the sound resolution is also better, and the detail, the smoothness of the instrument, and the vocals are clearer. However, due to the structural design of the XB33 speaker, the direction of sound transmission will also follow the fan shape. If you sit behind the speaker, some details may be a bit difficult to hear and the three-dimensional effect is no longer outstanding.

Sony srs-xb33 Review

You can also use the XB33 to create your own tunes with touch operations, this has already been explained in previous generations, so I won’t mention it anymore. I will talk a little bit about the LED system of the XB33, it is very different from the previous generation. At the default setting, the light of the lamp will flash to the tune.

If the tempo is slow then its light will be a bit dark and if the tempo increases it will get brighter and faster and the rotation speed will also get faster. In addition, you can also use the Fiestable app to control the light of the lamp. Not only changing the color tone, but you can also set it up as a DJ party, very cool and fancy. Now, after reading Sony srs-xb33 Review, you have your own answer on whether buy this product or not!


In short, I personally rate the Sony SRS-XB33 as a speaker that is very suitable for parties. However, for the average user, this speaker is still worth owning if you want a Bluetooth speaker with strong bass and soft light. The XB33’s sound quality may not be up to HiFi standards and lacks a bit of balance, but it offers an immersive listening experience and rich gameplay that many speakers in its class can’t. Thank you for reading our Best Sony srs-xb33 Review, see you later!