best chinese restaurants in new zealand

Top 6 Best Chinese Restaurants In New Zealand

Do you know the best Chinese restaurants in New Zealand? Chinese food is a cuisine that holds the ability to satisfy everyone’s needs thanks to its amazing flavors, versatility, and variety. Whether you want to go out for a bougie wine and dine session, need a quick fix on your lunch break without breaking the bank, or are just too lazy to cook but want a hearty takeaway while you Netflix and chill, Chinese food has you covered.

The immense popularity of Chinese food makes it inevitable for New Zealand to be spoilt with options. To save you all from the underwhelming experience of trial and error, we have broken down a list of the best Chinese restaurants in New Zealand.

Best Chinese restaurants in New Zealand

The Classic Bakehouse restaurant

Everyone has a sweet tooth, so consider visiting some Chinese bakeries to sate your appetite. In New Zealand, you can locate Classic Bakehouse, and they can accomplish things with wheat and sugar that nobody else can. Chinese sweets don’t stick to the same old tastes like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. They think beyond the box. They blend natural culinary components in novel ways to produce something delicious and original. Red bean bread, green tea toast, taro bread, and coconut bread are a few examples that come to mind. Visit this restaurant for some of the greatest Chinese food in New Zealand when your desires for sweetness take over and you’re in the mood for something new and different.

Basu Lounge restaurant

On the North Shore, Basu Lounge is a quiet yet busy restaurant where patrons come and go all day long. The peanut coating on their spicy dan dan noodles gives Basu Lounge its distinctive flavor despite the fact that their noodles are genuine. This enhances taste and gives the soup a rich, creamy texture that counteracts its spice.

Their pork and chives are juicy, tender, and brimming with meat, making them a favorite among locals. They also know how to prepare dumplings. Because they are so good, everyone will travel to the North Shore to eat these dumplings. These people go above and beyond to improve it even further! Take your dumplings to the beach and savor them there.

best chinese restaurants in new zealand

White + Wongs restaurant

Trying new foods might occasionally be a bit intimidating. In these situations, we advise trying a restaurant that serves fusion food, which combines Western cooking techniques with the key components of several countries’ cuisines. Steamed buns and dim sum, two well-known Chinese foods, have been given a modern makeover by White + Wongs, a restaurant with locations in Auckland, New Zealand, and most recently, Newmarket. In addition to serving really wonderful food, White + Wongs is a popular destination on weekends when guests come for wine and meals. Both their dumplings and their char siu dumplings, a terrific introduction to classic Chinese yum cha, are must-haves.

best chinese restaurants in new zealand

Albany restaurant

Old Fashion Hot Pot is a blessing to the neighborhood. While many of us have experienced Korean BBQ, which involves grilling your own meat, many of us have yet to taste Chinese hot pot. Each table has a hot pot of tasty soup, and you order several platters of veggies and meats to go with it.

The flavors will meld together to make the finest soup you’ve ever had once you keep adding toppings to the broth. Many individuals enjoy adding richly flavored noodles to the pot at the end of their meal to create a lovely bowl of sauce to which they may add cherries as a garnish. It is easily one of the best Chinese restaurants in New Zealand.

Empress Garden restaurant

One of the great delights of Chinese cuisine is peking duck, and Empress Garden does it really well. These people don’t squander duck and make the most of the meat over a three-course meal. The first is a delicious, delicate duck with crispy skin that you wrap in savory pancake slices and fresh vegetables. Next, the chewy chunks of duck are cooked with your choice of fresh iceberg lettuce, bean sprouts, noodles, veggies, rice cakes, or bags of sesame. When you believe you are through, they perform their magic on the carcass and let you decide how to prepare it.

Grand Park restaurant

Yum cha discussion is incomplete without mentioning this location. Every time Chinese food is brought up, New Zealanders of Chinese descent never fail to mention the Grand Park. Dish carts are another feature of this restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the great volume, though; the quality is still very much a priority.

Your Chinese dining experience will be one to remember since every dish is freshly made and cooked to perfection. Grand Park is particularly well known for its banquets when professional chefs from Hong Kong display the top-notch fish tanks they have there. We’re not only talking about fish; we’re also talking about lobster, paua, and other things.

Grand Park

In conclusion, the above article has mentioned the 6 best Chinese restaurants in New Zealand based on objective reviews of diners who have experienced there. If you have the opportunity to travel to New Zealand, pocket these places and come enjoy. Then come back here and rate whether this article was helpful to you!

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