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6 Wonderful Things to Do in The Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean, the third-largest ocean in the world after the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, spans from the Middle East and India’s shores westward to Southeast Asia and Australia. to the Southern Ocean in the south. What better time to begin exploring a large region that has so many far-flung and exotic ports that it may take a lifetime to discover? Some of the world’s most thrilling activities take place in the Indian Ocean. Numerous tropical islands are found there, where activities are always appropriate. We have put together a list of fun things to do in the Indian Ocean in this article.

Things to do in the Indian ocean

Walking with lions

Do you need a jolt of adrenaline? Well, going on a lion walk is an amazing experience. It’s an adventure of a lifetime. The Casela Natural Park, an adventure park situated along the Riviere Du Rempart, offers this activity. You have the option of traveling to the lion sanctuary on foot or by special safari bus. You’ll get an hour with the lions to interact with them, touch them, and take gorgeous pictures. The crew will quickly go through the safety precautions that will be done before entering the lion zone. Pay attention because everything you learn will aid you on your quest.

things to do in the indian ocean

You may observe the lions as they amuse themselves by playing and climbing trees. Of course, you may raise them with the guides’ guidance. It only happens once in a lifetime, and the sensation of experiencing something new is indescribable. You will learn a lot about lions, their mating habits, and their feeding habits. Refreshments are offered following the lion tour, and you are then free to explore the natural park at your leisure. It’s one of the interesting things to do in the Indian Ocean.

River trek adventure

You get the opportunity to learn about Mauritius’ beauty through this experience. The trek involves a four-hour journey through a Mauritius wildlife reserve. Walking, swimming, and climbing are all involved in the river walk. You will pass through a number of waterfalls and other breathtaking locations during the four-hour journey. Additionally, you may swim beneath the waterfall to get a free underwater massage. You may have delectable dinners at Le Chazal restaurant after a four-hour trek. Delicious Mauritian food is the restaurant’s specialty.

Visit the Ile aux cerf island

A cruise to the island of ile aux cerf is a must on your list of things to do in the Indian ocean. Wild deer used to live on Ile aux cerf, popularly known as deer island, but they are no longer there. Ile aux Cerf is now renowned for its stunning beaches and pristine seas. You can reach the island after a 20-minute boat journey.

Numerous activities, including swimming, snorkeling in the lagoon, banana rides, and paragliding, are available there. Because the island is small, take your time exploring it—you could do it in a day. The surroundings are lovely, and you may take photographs to remember your vacation to Mauritius. Three-course meals are offered on board during lunch.

things to do in the indian ocean

Casino des ile

A genuine gamer, are you? Without a doubt, this is the perfect location for you. Great nocturnal activities may be found at Casino des Iles. It opens from 12:30 to 2:30 am seven days a week. On Praslin Island, the casino is perfectly situated. Visitors must be at least 17 years old to enter the casino. 18 years of age is required for admittance. Shorts and slippers are not permitted inside the casino after 19:00.
On the casino’s property, there is a restaurant named Tantemimi restaurant. Open Thursday through Sunday from 19:30 until 23:30. Creole cuisine is the restaurant’s specialty.

Visit the Praslin island

There are many outdoor activities available on Praslin Island. Praslin is renowned for having top-notch diving locations. Praslin is the ideal location for you to visit if you wish to enjoy a fantastic water activity.
Nature enthusiasts like the island of Praslin. The island is home to a wide variety of endangered bird species. For a breathtaking perspective of the island, take a helicopter trip. Rare birds may be seen on the island from above. A fantastic activity is the helicopter trip. The archipelago’s islands will be visible from above.

Watch the sunset

The seaside patio at Serene Pavilions Sri Lanka, which is tucked away in a coconut grove, is the ideal spot to watch the sunset. With a view of the beach and the ocean through the silhouetted palm trees, Pavilions Restaurant offers one of the most gorgeous sunsets we’ve ever witnessed. Spend as much time as possible with your loved ones at this stunning moment.

Serene Pavilions Sri Lanka

In conclusion, above are the 6 things to do in the Indian Ocean that we have suggested to you in this article. Carefully review the options that suit your preferences and enjoy a memorable stay in the beautiful Indian Ocean. Was this article interesting to you? Let us know!

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